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Holiday Notice:

Please be informed that our hangtag printers will be closed according to holiday schedule below. We encourage your factory to order hangtag earlier, to meet your production schedule.
2016 Holiday Schedule
North Asia
China Southr-PacJan 1Feb 8-10 Apr 4May 1Jun 9  Sep 16Oct 3-5  
Shanghair-PacJan 1Feb 8-10 Apr 4May 2Jun 9  Sep 15Oct 3-5  
PanyuAvery DennisonJan 1Feb 8-10-Apr. 04May 2Jun. 09--Sept. 15Oct. 03-05--
SuzhouAvery DennisonJan 1Feb 8-10-Apr. 04May. 01-02---Sept. 15Oct. 01-05--
Hong KongAvery DennisonJan 1Feb 8-10Mar. 25-28Apr. 04May 2Jun 9Jul 1-Sept. 16Oct. 01,10,28-Dec. 26-27
Hong Kongr-PacJan 1Feb 8-10Mar 25-28Apr 4May 2,14Jun 9Jul 1 Sep 15Oct 1, 21 Dec 25-27
Taiwanr-PacJan 1Feb 8-12,29 Apr 4,5May 2Jun 9,10  Sep 15,16Oct 10  
TaiwanAvery DennisonJan 1Feb. 08-12,29-Apr 4,5May 2Jun 9,10--Sep 15,16Oct 10--
JapanAvery DennisonJan. 01,11Feb. 11Mar. 21Apr. 29May. 03-05-Jul. 18Aug. 11Sept. 19,22Oct. 10Nov. 03,23Dec. 23
Korear-PacJan 1Feb 8-10Mar 1Apr 13May 5Jun 6 Aug 15Sep 14-16Oct 3 Dec 
KoreaAvery DennisonJan 1Feb 8-10Mar. 01-May. 05Jun. 06-Aug. 15Sept. 14-16Oct. 03--
South Asia
Bangladeshr-Pac Feb 21Mar 17,26Apr 14May 1-2,23Jun Jul 1-3,5-7Aug 15Sep 11-13Oct 11 Dec 12,25-26
BangladeshAvery Dennison-Feb. 21Mar. 17,26Apr. 14May. 01-02,21,23-Jul. 03-08Aug. 15Sept. 10-14Oct. 11-Dec. 16,25
Indiar-PacJan 1,26 Mar 23 May 1  Aug 15Sep 5,15Oct 11, 30-31Nov 11 
IndiaAvery DennisonJan. 14-15,26Feb. 12,19Mar. 07,24Apr. 08,13-14--Jul. 06Aug. 15,25Sept. 05Oct. 10-11,29,31Nov. 01-
Indonesiar-PacJan 1Feb 8Mar 9,25Apr May 1,5,22Jun Jul 6,7Aug 17Sep 12Oct 2 Dec 12,25
IndonesiaAvery DennisonJan 1Feb 8Mar. 09, 25-May. 05-06, 22-Jul. 04-08Aug. 17Sept. 12--Dec. 12, 26
Pakistanr-Pac Feb 5Mar 23 May 1 Jul 7,8,10Aug 14Sep 11,12Oct 10-11Nov 9Dec 25
PakistanAvery Dennison-Feb 5Mar 23-May 1-Jul. 07-09Aug. 14Sep 11,12Oct. 11Nov 9Dec. 25
Sri LankaAvery DennisonJan. 01,15,23Feb. 04,22Mar. 22Apr. 13-15,21May. 01-02,21-23Jun. 19Jul. 19Aug. 17Sept. 16Oct. 15Nov. 14Dec. 12-13,25-26
Thailandr-PacJan 1Feb 22 Apr 6,13-15May 1-2,5,20Jun Jul 20Aug 12 Oct 23-24 Dec 5, 10, 31
ThailandAvery DennisonJan 1Feb. 08,22-Apr. 12-15May. 02,05,20-Jul. 19Aug. 12-Oct. 24-Dec. 05,30
Vietnamr-PacJan 1Feb. 08-12-Apr. 18May. 02-03---Sept. 02---
VietnamAvery DennisonJan 1Feb. 08-12-Apr. 18May. 02-03---Sept. 02---
ItalyAvery DennisonJan. 01-06-Mar. 28Apr. 25-Jun. 02-Aug. 15--Nov. 01Dec. 08-26
Turkeyr-PacJan 1   May 19 Jul 4-7Aug 30Sep 12-15Oct 28  
Luxembourgr-PacJan 1 Mar 28 May 1,5,16Jun 23 Aug 15  Nov 1Dec 25-26
United States
United Statesr-PacJan 1Feb 15  May 30 Jul 4 Sep 5 Nov 24,25Dec 26
United StatesAvery DennisonJan 1-Mar. 25-May. 27,30-Jul 4-Sep 5-Nov. 23-25Dec. 22-23,30